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National College Athlete Honor Society Creates Endowment to Honor Founder

The National College Athlete Honor Society (NCAHS) is pleased to announce the creation of the Nick Mourouzis Postgraduate Scholarship endowment. NCAHS created the fund with the intent to award a scholarship to a previously inducted student-athlete who has exhausted all of their eligibility and will be seeking a postgraduate degree. 

"Coach Nick had the extraordinary idea to recognize all student-athletes who excel in their chosen sport, in the classroom and in their communities," said Keri Alexander Luchowski, Chair of the Chi Alpha Sigma Board of Directors. "This fund, and the resulting scholarships, are a wonderful way to extend Coach Nick's legacy and to support the academic journey of our student-athletes."  

A second fund was also established to support the long term sustainability of NCAHS. The Chi Alpha Sigma Heritage Fund will offset rising costs of operation and will ensure that chapter members will be able to continue to recognize their student-athletes long into the future.

“The Heritage Fund is an important piece in aiding Chi Alpha Sigma's long term sustainability and keeping costs low for chapter members,” said Chi Alpha Sigma Executive Director Kellen Wells-Mangold. “We want to ensure that these outstanding student-athletes can continue to be recognized and celebrated in a manner befitting their achievements.”


The National College Athlete Honor Society, Inc., known as Chi Alpha Sigma, is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that founded in 1996. Chi Alpha Sigma works with state chapters to recognize college student-athletes who succeed in their sport and in the classroom. 

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